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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - for Pets - Low 1% CBD oil - 10 ml

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  With extra low CBD content Suitable for all pets Without psychoactive effect In glass pipette bottle of 10 ml CBD Oil Animals Low Content 1% - Suitable for all ...

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  With extra low CBD content
  Suitable for all pets
  Without psychoactive effect
  In a 10 ml glass pipette bottle


CBD Oil Animals Low Content 1% - Suitable for all pets!

CBD oil for animals in a 10 ml glass pipette bottle with an extra low cannabidiol percentage of only 1%. This makes the oil very suitable for all pets, regardless of size or weight. In many cases, a low percentage may be sufficient.

How can I best administer the drops to the animal?

Sometimes it can be difficult for an animal to dose the drops directly under the tongue. It is much easier to put the drop or possibly several drops on a small piece of white bread and feed it to the animal.


Of course this can also be dripped on anything else the pet likes. If you are sure that the animal eats its entire meal, you can also choose to drip the CBD oil directly over the food.


How many drops of CBD oil should I give the pet?

The question of how many drops the animal needs daily is not easy to answer. Just as it can give very variable results in humans, it also works in animals. Sometimes dosing is based on the weight of the animal, but this is by no means an accurate calculation.


There are many situations where, for example, a small dog needs a higher dose than a large dog in the same situation. And also, for example, a cat may need a higher dose than a much larger dog. The only correct advice is to determine the dosage yourself and to keep observing the animal carefully. 


It is also advisable to start with a small dose and to build up gradually. After about 1 to 2 weeks, the daily dose of the number of drops can be increased without any problem. At a high dose, it can be considered to switch to a bottle of CBD oil with a higher content, such as: CBD Oil Animals Original in which 2,5% cannabidiol is present. The number of drops that are given at a time can then be reduced again.


How often should I administer the dose?

Daily use with 1 or more drops at a time and spread over the day may be enough. So you can, for example, give 3 or more drops 1 times a day. 


How do I store the bottle of CBD oil for animals?

Keep the bottle in a dark, cool place so that the quality is preserved as much as possible. Temperatures that are too low, such as in the refrigerator, can cause flakes in the olive oil present.


Additional information CBD oil Animals Low Content

  • Low CBD percentage of 1%
  • Glass bottle contents: 10 ml
  • 100% Natural product
  • Extracted from certified hemp
  • Dissolved with olive oil
  • Suitable for all pets


Information on the label

  • CBD content 1%
  • 10 ml bottle contains 100 mg CBD
  • Contains 200 drops with 0,5 mg CBD per drop
  • Contains olive oil
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose of 3 times 10 drops
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark place, out of the reach of children


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