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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - Quality Line - Original 2.3% CBD oil - 10ml

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  Original CBD oil Medium content cannabidiol 100% Organically grown Full spectrum - Cannabis sativa L. CBD Oil Original 10ml - Medium Content - (2,3% Cannabidiol + Olive oil) - Whole plant ...

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  Original CBD oil
  Average cannabidiol content
  100% organically grown
  Full spectrum - Cannabis sativa L.


CBD Oil Original 10ml - Medium Content - (2,3% Cannabidiol + Olive Oil) - Whole plant extract!

CBD Oil Original is an original CBD oil derived entirely from biological raw materials. The amber-colored glass dropper bottle of 10 ml contains an average content of 2,3% cannabidiol. The word original relates to the fact that the first CBD oil available on the Dutch market had a CBD percentage of 2,3%. 

Due to the percentage of 2,3%, this product is slightly more powerful than the CBD Oil Low Content, which has a percentage of 1%. If you want an oil with a slightly higher percentage, you can choose for example CBD Oil Quality Line. This is the same product, with the difference being a higher cannabidiol content of 4,5%.


Does not cause a stoned feeling

Cannabidiol is the increasingly popular and highly effective cannabis compound that has a range of positive properties. For example, it can have a relaxing, calming and supportive effect and can offer help with many everyday problems. 

Because our cannabidiol oil only contains traces of the psychoactive THC, you will not notice any euphoric or floaty effects and a stoned or high feeling is not possible. These low concentrations of THC ensure that this product also offers opportunities for children, older people and possibly animals.

100% Organic raw materials

Our CBD Oil Original comes from only legal hemp that is grown under strict environmental requirements on hemp plantations in the European countries of Croatia and Slovenia. No harmful substances are used during the entire growth and production process. The use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or other environmentally harmful substances is not allowed. 

Use of pipette bottle of CBD oil

Shake the bottle well before use! By squeezing the dropper, also known as a gummy tube or pipette, an amount of liquid is drawn into the glass tube. By gently squeezing the pipette again, you can very easily place a few drops under the tongue.


A mirror makes counting the drops extra easy. Wait about 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing. This will allow the mucous membranes in the mouth to absorb the oil well, so that a rapid absorption is promoted. In many cases you can expect an effect after about 10 minutes. You can repeat this action several times in a day.

Store CBD Oil Original

Light and heat are two factors that can break down the cannabinoids present in the dropper bottle. In order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of cannabidiol as best as possible, we recommend storing the bottle in a dark and cool place. 

A refrigerator is not an ideal storage place because the too cold temperature causes flakes in the olive oil, which can make dosing more difficult or even block the pipette. This makes a cool cabinet a better storage option.

General information of this product

  • CBD content: 2.3%
  • THC content: <0,2%
  • Contents: 10 ml
  • Equipped with drop counter (dosing pipette)
  • Cannabis sativa L.
  • Hemp varieties used: KC Dora Hemp / Santhica 70 Hemp
  • Certified hemp variety
  • Whole plant extract - full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Blended with olive oil
  • 100% Organic raw materials
  • 100% Legal product
  • Does not cause consciousness-altering effect
  • Also suitable for children
  • Also suitable for animals

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